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Some of the biggest problems with acquiring a traditional drum kit are its size, and the lack of ability to control the volume of the sound that is produced when used. These problems can hinder someone who is interested in playing drums, but lives in a small apartment. It is good, then, that the electronic drum set is available to be used.

There are many advantages in using electronic drums sets. First is that the size of the kit is relatively smaller than a traditional drum set. This makes placing it in tight areas possible, such as mall apartments or dorm rooms. In addition, because the sound it produces comes from electronic circuitry, the drummer can not only regulate the volume output of the kit, but also do many digital things to the sound, such as change its tuning, or even change the sounds entirely.

Being electronic also makes it easier to record the sounds for compositions. Instead of using a microphone, the drums’ signal can transfer directly to a computer, making it quick and painless to record, edit, and publish work.

Electronic drums use changes in voltage made by striking the drum pads in order to create drum sounds. These electric signals travel from the pad to a "brain", which then translates it into a digital format that produces the desired sound.

Many people purchase and use a Yamaha electronic drum kit because of its price and reliability. Its DTXtreme IIS and Ddrum4SE models give drummers an authentic sound and playing experience that some say is indistinguishable from acoustic drum kits.

Others also use Roland electronic drum sets because of their many advanced features, like multiple triggers, impact and position detectors, and multiple output options.

There are, however, some downsides. Being electronic, these drum sets need electricity to operate. Second, many claim that using an electronic drum set removes the authentic feel and sound of a traditional kit, and supporters point to the fact that a majority of serious musicians and bands still perform using traditional drum sets, despite the rest of the band using other electronic devices like guitars and keyboards.

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