Being a Foster Parent Is a Gift

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Kim and I have had a lot of people tell us that we are doing such a great thing by being foster parents. That our kids are so blessed to be in our home, but I’m pretty sure that it’s the other way around. We have learned more about the character of God through foster care than anything else. Jesus came “not to be served but to serve others and give his life as a ransom for many.” I think this is a pretty great description of what foster care is… serving others, not for your own benefit, but literally giving your life away so that someone else can live.

Every kid needs a safe home environment and loving parents, and that 1 ingredient can completely alter the trajectory of a kid’s life.

My friend recently had a birthday, and it got me thinking about gifts…

Everything you have is a gift from God.

Everything I have is a gift from God.

My house, my car, my wife, my kids, my parents, my in-laws, the food in our pantry, our health, my job, my ability to work, my gifts and talents, Kim’s gifts and talents, our friends, our neighbors, our church, the country we live in.

I haven’t earned any of these things. I did nothing to deserve them.

Even the things that I’ve “worked hard” for are gifts of grace from God. Believing that…how in the world could I not use everything I have for God’s glory?

It is a joy to use the gifts, the “stuff” that he has graciously given me to show others His love.

Being a foster dad has been a gift from God. God used the last 5 years to remind me of what He did for me. God loved me first when I was far from Him. He sought me when I wanted nothing to do with Him. Jesus comes to us – in whatever messy state we are in, and HE LOVES US. Think you need to earn God’s love? You don’t. You can’t. Jesus literally gave his life as a ransom – a payment for the release of a prisoner – so that I could experience freedom from bondage to sin. Jesus stepped in and gave his life away so that I could have a new life.

As difficult and messy as being a foster parent is…it’s a gift. It’s a gift worth giving to a child in need, and it’s certainly a gift worth receiving from a child in need.

Want to learn more about Foster Care? The Foster Care Initiative is a great place to start learning.




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