How I Earned Double My Salary and Why It Still Wasn’t Enough

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There once was a short period of time in my life where I had more money than I knew what to do with, and it always found a way to make me believe I needed just a little bit more.

When I started working my current job, the finance department was supposed to pay me twice a month. They did that, but they accidentally paid me a full month’s pay twice a month. So instead of getting half a month’s pay every 2 weeks, I got a full month’s pay every two weeks.

Can you say JACKPOT???

This was the very first “real grown up” job I ever had. Therefore going from earning everything from self-employment, where I had all sorts of random streams of income coming in with no rhyme or reason, I didn’t catch on to the error. I honestly thought that this just must be what it feels like to have a “real” job with a “real” paycheck. I was ecstatic, for the first time in my life, it seemed like I had enough money to pay all my bills and spend money on other things that I wanted.

This went on for about 2 months.

It all came to a halt once the finance department found the error. They informed me of what had happened and we quickly worked out a deal for the overage to come out of my future paychecks in order to pay it all back within that specific tax year. This mean’t that what I had currently been getting was going to be cut in half, along with $200 extra taken out of every paycheck to make up the difference.

I wasn’t mad about the mistake, in fact I was grateful that it hadn’t gone on for longer, because I’m not sure how I would have paid it all back.

You would think that I would have saved some of the money that I had been making…but I hadn’t. I had no extra money to help payback the overage. I had taken two month’s of pay, and spent ALL OF IT in a month. When I look back on that error, I see the way that money deceived me.

[inlinetweet prefix=”” tweeter=”” suffix=”@FillUpLS”]When I earned more…I spent more. In fact I spent all of it.[/inlinetweet] I look back on the time that I earned double my salary, and it still didn’t quench the desire to have more money. At the end of each month I was eagerly awaiting my next paycheck because the money was gone and I had more stuff that I “needed”.

Money is deceiving, you think all you need is more money to be happy, or to get by in life…but in reality, all you need is to ask God to help you be content with what you have.

Getting more money never satisfies.

More money is never enough.

The only way to be satisfied is to be content with what you have, and know that God will provide for your every need, even if it means not getting something you want, or you think you need. My confidence is in the Lord, not in the money that He allows to flow through my hands.

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