How to Use Ableton Live As A Click Track For Your Band

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I love Ableton Live, and I hope to help you understand it better. In this video I show you one of the most basic ways to start using Ableton Live in your live band set up.

If you don’t have Ableton Live, you can download the free 30 day trial at
What the 2nd video in this series: How to Use Backing Tracks With Your Band

In this video I explain how I got started using Ableton Live as a click track for my band, and then I go into how to actually use ableton live as a “Master Set List” that has all of your click tracks programed in…then all you have to do is drag and drop to arrange different set lists!

This is a beginner level tutorial. Enjoy! More to come!

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I love the Roland Spd-S (How To Videos)

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I have been using my Roland Spd-S for about 6 years now… I started off just goofing off with it trying to figure out how I could integrate it into my acoustic kit. The Roland Spd-S has proven to be a fun little machine to play with. However I mostly use it as a midi controller to control Ableton Live. More about that later…

Roland no longer makes this model…since they have come out with the Roland Spd-SX (which I really want, but don’t have the $$$ to drop on it yet…)

Here are some videos I’ve made to help you understand how to use the Roland Spd-S:

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The Benefits of Electronic Drum Sets

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An electronic drum kit overcomes the main difficulty for citizens who live within an apartment building — sound. With an electronic set, you have the capability to toss on a pair of headphones and mess about as loud as you like. The single sound your neighbors would be able to hear is your sticks hitting the pads and I promise that your television or CD player gets noisier than that.

Space is another problem if your going to use an electronic drum set in an apartment. There is not sufficient room to fit a drum kit unless you are willing to sacrifice your huge pieces of furniture. With an electronic drum set, you don’t have the “bulk” that you have with an acoustic kit. If you need to, you can even take an electronic set down after you were completed and keep it inside a cupboard or corner somewhere.

Electronic drums contain other advantages over acoustic sets as well. There is never a need to tune the set or lose sleep about cold or dampness upsetting the overall sound of the set. You even maintain the preference to replace the sound of the set to make it sound like you’re on stage in a huge hall or a tiny jazz club. Generally electronic sets allow you to connect up your iPod so that you can perform along with your favorite music and obtain the correct mix in your headphones. This is something you can not do with an ordinary drum set.

Electronic drum sets are not as expressive as an ordinary kit. The newer sets are getting closer, but the “feel” really isn’t the same. If you use brushes on an acoustic set, you won’t be able on an electronic set.

On stage live can be a tad unusual if you are used to an ordinary kit. You are at the mercy of the pa sound system.

There are a lot of advantages that electronic drums over ordinary kits and no more than a small amount of disadvantages. If you live in an apartment building and think that playing the drums has to take place outside your residence, check out a number of electronic kits. You’ll practice often if they are around your apartment and you might now start to love the thought of playing on an electronic set as opposed to an ordinary kit.

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Yamaha DTX900 Demo Video and Review

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The Yamaha DTX900  is one of the most incredible electronic drum sets on the market. I think the fact that Yamaha Corporation makes amazing acoustic drums has a lot to do with how incredible this electronic drum set sounds and feels. Hands down it is the most “real” feeling and sounding electronic drum set that I have ever played. Check out the video of me demoing the kit below.

Click Here to compare prices on the Yamaha DTX900.

What are your thoughts on the DTX900? Join the conversation by leaving a comment!

How to Use The Roland Spd-s

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Update: It appears that Spd-S is no longer in production by Roland. They are now making an upgrade/updated version called the Spd-SX that is very similar. You will not be able to find the Spd-S by clicking on any of the links below, however I am leaving this post up for of you who still own and love the SPD-S!

The Roland Spd-S is one of the most versatile sampling pads on the market. I have made a few videos showing how incredibly versatile it is. I have had mine for over 2 years now, and I still don’t use this instrument to it’s fullest potential. The following is a post I wrote a few months after getting my Roland Spd-S.

 Click here to compare prices on a Roland Spd-S.

A couple of months ago I got the itch to try to integrate some electronic sounding drums into my set up. I started researching more about triggering and possibly building my own electronic drum set and even found a site that lays out some very clear instructions to do so. THIS website tells you how to do it. After giving it a lot of thought and after more research, I decided to buy the Roland SPD-S and I couldn’t be more happy with my decision. This thing is awesome. I’ve had it for about a month and I’m just now starting to realize how much it can do. Shortly after buying it, playing around on it, and having the urge to use my feet with the SPD-S I decided I needed to buy a kick trigger to really bring it to the next level. I ended up getting the KD-7. It’s as simple as pluggin the kick pad into the back of the SPD-S and assigning whatever kick drum sound I want to it. Another cool feature that I’ve been having fun with lately is sampling different sounds. I’ve been getting tons of different sounds from and

Disclosure: Since I spent a LOT of time reviewing the Roland Spd-S, I would appreciate your support in buying one (if your ready to buy) through a link on this page. You’ll actually find some of the best prices on the web on this site, and if you buy from clicking on my link I’ll receive a commission for my time writing this in-depth review, which helps fund this website (and my electronic drum fund). Thanks!

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How to Record Electronic Drums – The Cheap and Easy Way

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I realize this tutorial still leaves you with lots of questions. I will try to do my best to answer them, but some questions I just don’t have the answer to! Since recording this video I have actually upgraded to a Mac and started using a program called Reaper to record my electronic drums. It is MUCH better than Audacity in my opinion. Enjoy!

How do you record your electronic drums? Tell us by leaving a comment!