Roland TD9SX V-Tour Electronic Drum Kit Review

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When this electronic drum set was introduced at the NAMM show in 2008, it was one of the top of the line electronic drum sets on the market. It can still holds its own against most electronic drum sets, but since this was created, there are many other kits on the market that blow this one out of the water.

Features Of The Roland TD9SX V-Tour Electronic Drum Set

  • Comes with it’s own drum module with many realistic drum sounds so no further software is required.
  • Compatible with drum programs such as Superior Drummer 2.0, EZDrummer, and BFD2.
  • Compatible with Rock Band. Makes playing the drums on this video game much more realistic.
  • A very realistic sound can be achieved by talented drummers who know how to use the above mentioned drum programs. Listeners will not be able to tell that the recordings are not of a real drum set.
  • Avoids the many technical difficulties of recording a real acoustic drum set such as bad room acoustics and trying to set of the mics properly.
  • Works as a touring drum set.
  • Using this kit in conjunction with a computer gives a drummer unlimited possibilities as far as drum sounds including techno style beats.
  • Three way triggering for the ride cymbal. This means that if you play the ride cymbal on different parts of the drum, the sound responds in a realistic fashion.
  • Rim triggering included. This means you can play the rim of a drum and it will be sensed properly.


Check out this video demo of the Roland TD9SX V-Tour electronic kit that he did at the NAMM show in 2008 when this was released.

Suited For Those Serious About Recording Drums

This kit costs more than $2000, so it is really not suited for “entry level” drummers (unless of course you have plenty of cash to burn.)┬áIt’s meant for those who are serious about recording professional quality drums and/or are touring in a professional manner and what a kit that they can really depend on.

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