The Benefits of Using Electronic Drums over Acoustic Drums

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If you are interested in taking up drumming, you may be wondering whether to get an acoustic or electronic drum kit. While acoustic drums are the traditional, favored style of drums for many people, they might not actually be the best choice for you. In fact, electronic drums have come very far in the last decade and today they are better than ever. So before you decide to go with an acoustic set, take a look at some of the advantages of drumming with an electric drum kit first.


This is one area where electronic drums definitely have acoustic drums beat. Because they are electric, you get a huge range of drum sounds. You can choose from a great range of samples for each component such as the drums, cymbals, hi-hats, tom toms and more. With the huge number of different sounds, you have the option to really experiment with different beats, noises and frequencies. Or, if you like the acoustic sound, you can set your drums to sound just like them.



Another huge benefit is the fact that electronic drums can be turned down in volume. This is really great for people who live in small apartments or live at home with people who might get annoyed at the constant beating of drums. This does not mean you have to play in silence though – instead, you can plug in some headphones and hear exactly what you’re playing. Plus, you can even load up different songs so you can learn to play along with them as you learn.


Electronic drums are also much easier to move and transport than acoustic drums. This is because they are very lightweight, compact and simple to break down. So now you can easily load up your drums into your small sedan instead of having to get a big van or trailer to lug your equipment from venue to venue. You’ll also have fewer bags and carrying cases to worry about with your electric drum kit.


The cost of an electronic drum kit can vary. You can get a good, basic set for much less than a traditional acoustic set would cost. However, if you want all the bells and whistles that can be found with advanced sets these days, you will need to splash out on an expensive drum kit. Make sure you spend a little time researching all the different components of electronic drum kits in order to get the features and specs you want.

If you’re still not sure you want electronic drums, you may want to head to a local music shop to try some out. Do a comparison for yourself. You may find that you absolutely love electric drums and wouldn’t live without them. Alternatively, you may feel you love the traditional look and sound of acoustic drums. It’s all really a matter of personal preference.

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