Why I love the Roland TD Electronic Drum Set

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The Roland TD drum kit range has been one of the most popular drum ranges of all time, this is largely accredited to its great performance and authentic tone. The Roland TD range of drums are synonymous with providing a sound that rivals any other digital drums in its price range, this article is going to provide an overview of why this range of instruments is so great.

Despite the fact that these instruments its intended for beginners and intermediate players it’s build quality is superb, all the materials used in constructing these fine instruments all add to its overall durability. Mesh is used in all of the heads and pads of Roland instruments, they look really realistic and feel much the same as how they would on a traditional drum set, in my opinion they actually have a far more comfortable bounce than many kits.

The drum module is what really makes this instrument shine, it enables the player to choose from over 50 different pre-set kits which means whatever your musical style, and this instrument will undoubtedly have a pre-programmed drum kit which has all the tones you require. The drum module also gives you the chance to assign over 500 different sounds to the various pads and symbols on the instrument, this allows you to specifically tailor you Roland kit to your exact needs.

An entry level Roland TD-3 drums will cost around £800 from an online retailer, this is fairly expensive for any beginner but if you bear in mind that this instrument will probably last for a decade it’s a rather good bargain. If you’re a professional drummer then you might be interested in the award winning Roland TD-20 drum kit (often referred to as TD-20 Roland drum td), this model retails at about £4,500 and is one of the best electronic drum kits in the world!

There you have it guys, that’s why I love the Roland TD range of drums, if you’re a beginner and you can afford it, you should definitely consider one of these models. The manufacturer also allows you to buy accessories to add to your Roland TD drum kit; these all fall under the Roland KD range and allow you to specifically tailor your drum kit to your own specific needs.

I hope this article makes you consider the Roland TD drum kit in future. For more information about learning to play the drums please check out Ed’s Music Articles.

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